Philippa to the rescue

Finding herself suddenly going nowhere, Guild member Philippa Davis has teamed up with her local town council to help launch an emergency food box scheme.

Shaftesbury Food Aid Support Service (F.A.S.S for less of a mouthful) offers local households a week’s supply of nutritious food. The package contains a versatile selection of tinned and dry ingredients, fresh fruit and vegetables from the local greengrocer, meat and dairy from the towns butcher and recipe cards written by Philippa.

Philippa says,’We wanted the food packages to provide a healthy balanced diet and support the local food businesses. The ingredients included are all very mainstream but the recipe cards are there to help provide some mealtime inspiration. The recipes are simple, nutritious and of course delicious!’

The response has been incredibly positive and Philippa was particularly moved when one of the families sent in pictures of the recipe cards being cooked by their 11-year-old daughter, as well as some snaps of the clean plates.

You can follow the project at