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Before completing the application form please do read the About Membership page. This will give you important information about our joining criteria, which you will need to include in the form below. If you have any questions about membership please do email

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If you happen to know someone who is already a member and would be happy to support your application, please add their names below so we might talk to them about your work. (Please make sure you approach this person before using their name and they agree to support your application.) This is absolutely not a requirement of membership. Joining the Guild is not about who you know and we encourage applications from everybody, so leaving the boxes below blank will not in any way affect your application.
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To qualify for membership you must demonstrate that you are being commissioned and paid to create content about food. To that end we ask applicants to send us examples of their work, which the Guild committee will review when considering an application. For more information about what examples would qualify, visit our About Membership page.

Once you have submitted this form, please send an email to with the subject line ‘Membership application examples of work [your name]’ detailing examples of your body of work. The examples should be at least three pieces of work for which you have been paid (these can be PDFs or links to online versions) and if you have published a book, include the title, publication date and publisher.
Please note that your application will not be progressed until we receive these examples.
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Once you have clicked submit above you will receive a confirmation email to let you know that your application has been safely received. Please bear with us whilst we review your application and examples of work. We will be in touch with you once we have a decision (usually a few weeks). Please do email with any questions in the meantime.
Thank you for your interest in joining the Guild.