The Food Briefing: March 2021

Guild member Professor Tim Lang wrote in The Spectator about the importance of government giving greater attention to food policy. Several recent disputes have shown where fault lines exist, demonstrating how government should consider more cenral co-ordination to ensure food faces fewer tensions and battles within parliament itself. Read more

Investors are calling upon the UK’s largest food retailer to set targets that increase the amount of healthy food and drink it sells. A coalition of institutional and retail investers have co-ordinated a resolution which urges Tesco to end their reliance on unhealthy products for sales growth. Shareholder activism has proven to be an effective way to compel change in large organisations and could help nudge towards changes in the UK. Read more

The supermarket shelves are heaving with Easter eggs – but were any produced without slavery? Join Quota on March 30th and meet Terry Collingsworth, who is behind a US class action by former child slaves against the world’s chocolate giants; Dan Crossley from the Food Ethics Council and chocolate makers who are working hard to remove slavery and forced labour from the chocolate supply chain. Sign up here