Vegan With A Difference!

Being Pakistani born, I’m from a nation that loves eating robust meat dishes. I generalise of course, as there are a multitude of main and side vegetarian and vegan dishes too in that culture. But as someone eating less and less meat, I like to expand my horizons on cookery that offers a route of being just that little bit different and more imaginative, not to mention flavoursome!

Melon and Nigella Seed Bhujia

A fruity and sweet curry which tastes lovely and looks great too with the addition of nigella seeds, curry leaves and coconut milk. A perfect accompaniment to a rice dish.

Kala Channa

Literally translated, that means ‘Black Chickpeas’ though they are also known as ‘Garbanzo Beans’. Basically chickpeas, but smaller and darker in hue than the everyday chickpeas. I tend to use them straight out of a tin and then you can use them as you wish. Mine’s a spiced version with plenty of fresh ginger and coriander leaves.

Oven Baked Vegan Mince and Banana Kebabs

What can I tell you, I love making these oven baked kebabs. Not only is the banana a fabulous binding agent, it adds a subtly sweet, almost nutty flavour. Do ensure though that any seasoning is kept light and whilst you can pan fry them too, I prefer to bake them in the oven as they’re quite delicate. These kebabs are just to have in a delicious burger or just with a summery salad.

Veg and Red Split Lentil Biryani

A wholesome and filling biryani that’s’ packed with vegetables and aromatic who spices such as black cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and more! But I also from time to time like to add red split lentils – giving an additional flavour and girth.