The Food Briefing: October 2020

Terra Madre begins this month, which is Slow Food Europe’s biennial celebration of everything there is to love about food and the planet. Based primarily in Turin, this year the event is accompanied by a host of digital events which will take place through to early 2021. Terra Madre looks at both the past and the future, aiming to unite people globally across the food world, with events that consider every facet of food, from production to history, culture to taste and more. Speakers come from all corners of the globe, providing a rich diversity of information and experiences to expand your knowledge. Alongside the main event is Terra Madre Fringe, being held in the UK, featuring a roster of free online events covering a range of topics in food.

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In the House of Lords, two amendments to the Agriculture Bill were approved, which would uphold UK food standards through Brexit. The amendments stated that any products imported into the UK must meet UK food standards at the time of import and that a process is set out which determines how the standards of production are ascertained. If passed in the Commons, these amendments would ensure that lower food standards cannot be negotiated as part of future Brexit trade deals. Read more…

Flipping the coin, the UK has started to export meat to the US for the first time in over 20 years. British beef was banned shortly after the BSE crisis in the nineties and the restrictions have finally been lifted. Three sites have been approved by US inspectors and exports are already being prepared. Read more…

In case you missed it: There’s still time to book onto the brilliant British Library Food Season events being held online until late October – Sign up here