The Food Briefing: May 2020

Creating sustainable food systems is more important than ever, as supply chain shocks during Coronavirus expose fragility. The latest high-level sustainability report comes from SAPEA, titled ‘A Sustainable Food System for the European Union’. It’s an independent, European Commission funded piece of research looking at key principles which can sustain our food supply into the future, which I was honoured to help co-write. Read more here.

British cheesemakers facing serious threats to their livelihoods after restaurant closures have been championed by Guild member Jenny Linford in a heartfelt long-read piece on her blog. Interviews with cheesemakers and cheesemongers set the scene, while also providing links to businesses which Guild members can actively support during this time. Read more here.

Building resilience in our food system post-COVID-19 is the call to action from the International Panel of Experts on Food Systems (iPES Food), as they outline recommendations to move forwards from this crisis. Read more here.

Help Needed! Abattoirs are the linchpin of the red meat supply chain, however, the number of abattoirs continues to fall and they are increasingly specialised. Researchers at Newcastle University are exploring the implications of these changes on livestock farmers who use their services. If you are a livestock farmer, or know any, please ask if they can complete this survey.

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