British Charcuterie Live Awards

Guild member Henrietta Green runs The British Charcuterie Live Awards. This year’s judging will take place from Wednesday 15 to Friday 17 July at Westminster College of Hospitality. For information on the nine classes and the Star Awards visit the website

Henrietta would like to hear from anyone interested in these Awards, now in their third year, so please contact her if you just want to know more about the Awards, or if you are interested and feel confident about your knowledge of charcuterie to join the team of judges, or if you would like to learn more and would be interested in stewarding (plenty of opportunity for tasting and listening to the experts pronounce their opinions – so you should learn a lot). Finally, one of the British Charcuterie Live sponsors is possibly looking for a writer for some Charcuterie-related pieces. So if you think you’d be suitable, let Henrietta know.

Henrietta can be reached on 07961 300237 or 020 8969 0866.