UK’s first ethnicity and food focused digital heath platform launched

Guild member Angela Malik-Agarwal has founded Planet Nourish (, which is focused on weight loss and the prevention and remission of Type 2 Diabetes in the South Asian population.

‘Uniquely designed for and by South Asians we celebrate this community’s food and culture and deliver solutions to build healthy habits allowing our users to continue to enjoy the life and food they love while still manage their weight and disease.’

Angela – a chartered accountant, chef and seasoned food industry expert – knows from her own family the challenges of changing a traditional diet to healthier alternatives.

‘When my Mum fell ill in 2019 we quickly realized the limitations of the official nutritional advice when it comes to supporting an elderly woman from the Indian diaspora; there was nothing she could relate to. I worked with Mum to design weekly menus where we made small adaptations to her traditional Punjabi diet. Within a year her health has completely recovered.

‘We want to educate our members – the “Nourishers” – about healthy, delicious eating, but also encourage lasting habit changes. They are fully supported by our online coaches and chefs backed up by latest digital tracking and monitoring.

‘We are currently looking for a recipe and content writer who can work with us to build our recipe database and for collaborators (eg supermarkets and food brands) aiming to target the South Asian diaspora.’ Please contact Angela Malik-Agarwal at