New Member: Shikha Kaiwar

Shikha is an American writer and pastry chef recently relocated to London from her home state of California. After working in restaurants for years, she turned her attention to freelancing. These days, she writes for her own blog, which she has had for nearly ten years now, develops pastry recipes, and creates birthday tarts for friends and family.

Shikha recently published her first cookbook, a flip book to mix and match recipes to create the perfect ice cream sundae! She has also written for Whetstone Magazine, a publication that focuses on food as a function of time and place. She is currently working on more essays, a cookbook memoir, and the occasional birthday tart.

Shikha’s contact details are: Address: Flat 31, Red Square, 3 Piano Lane, LONDON N16 9AW. Telephone: 07487 546899. Email: Website: Twitter: @shikhalamode. Instagram: shikhalamode. Facebook: