New Member: Katie Mather

Katie is a beer, cider, wine and food writer from Lancashire. She studied journalism in Leeds, and started blogging about beer several years ago, and quickly learned that she is mostly interested in how food and drink creates communities, divides opinion and deeply inspires. Everybody has their own unique connections to the flavours and aromas they experience. Katie’s own come from English and Scottish working class/low income meals, learning to cook and broaden her horizons as an adult, forbidden childhood treats, her fondness for pubs and her newfound (and steadily growing) obsession with wine and viticulture. Katie is also very interested in the cuisine and culture of Spain, and runs a bar called Corto in Clitheroe where she now lives.

Katie’s contact details are: Address: 16 Hayhurst Street, CLITHEROE, Lancashire BB7 1NB. Telephone: . Email:  Website: Twitter: @CortoClitheroe. Instagram: cortoclitheroe.