New Member: Birgitte Kampmann

Birgitte is a professional cook based in Copenhagen and founder of the Kitchen Lab, a fun, informative virtual gathering of Oxford Food Symposium delegates who attended 2020’s on-line event and wanted a community to explore the practical craft of cooking when writing about food, particularly recipes.

Unlike an academic seminar, all are encouraged to get into their own kitchens and cook relatively simple recipes with ingredients that are easy to come by. Birgitte facilitates an environment in which all kind of food professionals, food historians, cooks and botanists come together to exchange and share their food stories and knowledge.

Birgitte spent many years in the US and took her culinary training at the French Culinary Institute under the guidance and mentoring of Chef Jacques Pépin, before returning to her native Denmark where she worked over a decade for the American Embassy. In 2016 she published in Danish her cookbook ‘Mine Amerikanske Køkkennoter’, a compilation of anecdotes and recipes about her experience living and cooking in the USA. She has appeared regularly on television sharing her recipes from her book with a passionate and engaging style. Prior to the pandemic shutdown, she started a small catering firm, specializing in events for the fashion industry. Happiest you’ll find her testing her recipes in her kitchen in Copenhagen and cooking for family and friends.

Birgitte’s contact details are: Address: Store Kongensgade 116, 3.TH., DK-1264 Copenhagen K, Denmark. Telephone: +4528710185. Email: Instagram: mykitchennotes and kitchenlab_ofs.