New Member: Adamantia Velonis

Adamantia is the Founder, Editor and Culinary Writer behind the mindful cooking platform, Marmalade + Kindness. Established in 2019 her mission is to encourage people to find moments of mindfulness and creativity through cooking. For Ada, cooking isn't just about making something delicious, but also about self-development. Every week she shares recipes championing local, organic produce. Each recipe includes a mindful living tip to turn cooking into a self-care ritual. (She explains the benefits to mindful cooking in the February issue of Happiful pp20-21).

Adamantia’s quarterly digital magazine is HARVEST, a new food magazine devoted to cooking as self-care. It's made in Oxford, inspired by the world and created by an all female team. Ada is excited to share a 10% discount code (SPREADM+K10) with members for the debut issue (which features an exclusive essay by fellow Guild Member Jenny Linford). Ada regularly commissions writing, so please feel free to reach out with ideas or for a chat. She is very excited to be so warmly welcomed into this incredible community.

Ada’s contact details are: Website: Twitter: @Marm_Kindness. Instagram: marmaladeandkindness. Email: