Five minutes with… Chloë King

Photo by Karen Lacroix, Illustration School, 2017, food by Inês Neto dos Santos

You are an expert on newsletters, and responsible for this month’s redesign (for which many thanks). Is this something you do professionally?

Thanks, it’s a pleasure, I hope members enjoy the new look! I combine writing with graphic design and illustration work. I’m being asked to help with newsletters more and more now, which suits me well, as I enjoy the editorial possibilities.


You were awarded a grant from the Guild Fellowship Scheme (now renamed the Futures Fund). Did this make a difference to your career? 

It did! It was 2018, and hugely validating to have my proposal chosen. The award facilitated an incredible trip to Portugal with collaborators from the, Porto. We learnt about alheira – a soft, garlicky game sausage with a history dating back to the Inquisition. 


When did you join the Guild, and what did you hope it would provide for you? Have your expectations been met?

I joined around 2015, with encouragement from Hattie Ellis and Jenny Ridgwell, who are so kind. I was writing for the local press and had become a trustee of the Lewes food festival. I didn’t know what to expect, but I definitely felt some imposter syndrome! Membership brings many benefits but crucially, and unexpectedly, it has helped me build a network of friends in Ireland, where I now live. 


What aspect of your career are you most proud of and pleased by?

That’s tough. My portfolio career has had many quirks and highs so far, but I’m probably most proud of the pleasure brought by my cookbook club, Cook the Books. It will be a joyous moment when friends and strangers can get together over a pot luck supper again!