Quiz night

Nichola Fletcher, Laura Hadland and Humayun Hussain have compiled a devilish foodie quiz to test your wits. You are allowed to consult books, but no Googling. Answers next month.

  1. Name three species whose meat was traditionally covered by the term ‘venison’.
  2. Where do these Scots words come from and what are they? A: Grosset; B: Stoved; C: Sybo(e).
  3. How many chopins in a pint?
  4. What is a pistol (or gun) of venison?
  5. What do these words from medieval recipes mean? A: Nym. B: Bray C: Eyren
  6. Which iconic British designer and retailer revolutionised the UK restaurant scene during the 1990s and name any three of the London restaurants she or he opened.
  7. Name one of the key herbs used in preparing confit de canard.
  8. Butter chicken holds an esteemed place in the Indian cuisine repertoire. However, the dish has long been credited to have been invented in one of the oldest restaurants in India, based in Delhi and still frequented by chefs and celebrities from the world over. Name that restaurant.
  9. Indian regional cooking from the Punjab is typified by its robust flavour and rich, thick gravies. One of the most well-known Punjabi dishes is a particular spinach dish which is traditionally accompanied by an unleavened bread. Name both the dish and the bread.

Cryptic food questions – all the answers are a type of food, so ‘a cat's door in a box’ would be flapjack, for example.

  1. Nat King's legislation
  2. How old a taxi is
  3. Someone who uses their head violently
  4. Weekly TV programme
  5. French 8 cut into very thin strips

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