New Website for Paul

A Guild member with a new website is Paul Hartley-Nadhar whose new site explores ‘the relationship between erotica and food’.

‘I have also launched my first video on YouTube “smoked salmon & scrambled eggs”, which will soon ‘be followed by a heart shaped Marmite cheese cake (you may remember that I wrote The Marmite Cookbook) and a stunning fresh fruit terrine.

‘The website has the tag “A lovers’ romp in a gastronomic wonderland”. It’s full of sensuous cocktails, starters, mains, desserts and breakfast which we call “the morning after…”. It suggests a whole raft of aphrodisiacs and is very much in tune with the seasons and trends.

‘The cut and thrust is to encourage lovers to make more of the whole eating experience from menu planning to shopping to cooking to eating in that specially created ambiance – the right food, the right scents, the right light and personal presentation(!) – rather than sitting in front of mobile devices and not communicating. Relationships can thrive on a careful blend of sex and food. Here is a quote from another famous GFW member Tim Hayward, the award winning food writer “Food is an entirely sensuous pleasure, erotic, provocative and lusty”.

‘I would love some input from other Guild members with their thoughts, observations and recipes that make romance & food special for them.’