New Member: Soha Darwish

Soha is an avid food writer – with a Food Journalism Diploma from the UK, a busy menu consultant and now a passionate food blogger. She writes regularly in Identity magazine (a renowned lifestyle magazine in the Middle East) and other online portals. Soha is also an active menu consultant since 2014 and has worked on many menu and culinary consultancy projects across the Middle East. Last but not least, she decided (almost a year ago) to start a blog to share her unique recipes/creations as well as interesting food tips and to showcase her exciting menu projects/collaborations.

Soha’s contact details are: Instagram: soha_darwish_foodworld. Facebook: A Food Writer and Menu Consultant. LinkedIn: Soha Darwish. YouTube: Soha Darwish-Food Writer & Culinary Consultant. Address: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Email: