New Member: Catheryn Kilgarriff

Catheryn is the publisher at Prospect Books, a specialist list of books on the history of food. The list is mainly historical but also includes cookery, books on unusual ingredients, and travel books based around culinary traditions.

The publishing house brings out the food history magazine, Petits Propos Culinaires, three times a year and this is now in its 116th issue. The press also publishes the Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food each year.

Catheryn is a keen cook, and loves to experiment with techniques, ingredients and visit restaurants. She puts this down to her unusual childhood, with a Bohemian mother who rarely cooked, and a step-father who would take her sister and her to Soho for Chinese suppers of duck and pork on rice in Macclesfield Street. Catheryn’s step-mother looked after them in the school holidays in Shropshire, and taught her pastry making, berry preserving, cordial making, and she also had her own hotel, and ran a splendid restaurant. Catheryn learnt every cooking technique by her side. Catheryn’s father was an early restaurant reviewer for the Good Food Guide.

Catheryn’s contact details are: Website: Twitter: @prospectbooks. Instagram: prospectbooks. Address: 26 Parke Road, LONDON SW13 9NG. Telephone: 07949 633552. Email: