New Member: Be Kassapian

Be has been running ‘Be in the Kitchen’ Cookery School from her home for eight years. She is currently halfway through a three year naturopathic nutrition course with CNM and has adjusted her business while studying. Currently, she is a senior teacher at Leith’s once a week, runs DofE student workshops in-house/on-line and teaches private students/ groups. Be bridges the gap between health practitioners telling clients what they should eat, but clients having no idea how to do it! She has run a monthly Vitality health/cookery group for three years, but has stopped while she qualifies. Right now she is running a ‘Be in the Kitchen Facebook Live Covid-19 cookery demo’ every day midweek at 10am and is fully intending to turn the experience into my first book!

Be’s contact details are: Website: Instagram: beinthekitchen. Facebook: Address: Vineries House, Lower Road, Effingham, Leatherhead, Surrey KT24 5JP. Telephone: 07762 575558 and 01372 803821. Email: