New Member: Ann Storr

Ann is a food waste expert and brand storyteller, working to tell warm, heartfelt and accurate stories about food, psychology, sustainability and food waste. Writing at StorrCupboard, Ann is addressing the skills gap that stops many non-foodies from knowing what to do with a pile of citrus hearts, if brown beef mince is edible and what *can* you do with a spoon of sour yoghurt? 

With a background in psychological research, volunteering and years as a younger, skint mum, Ann’s writing engages with audiences who are looking to make small sustainable changes through meal planning, increase the amount of veg in their diets or simply are looking to feed their families on a smaller budget.

Ann’s contact details are: Website: and Twitter: @ann_storr. Instagram: storrcupboard. Address: The Old Post Office, 3 High Street, Farningham, Kent DA4 0DG. Telephone: 07810 523410. Email: