Let’s Teach Them Young!

Katharine Tate, who launched and heads up The Food Teacher™ is delighted to share their latest chef award for nurseries and schools. Teaching children the importance of food for their health is essential and this award starts that process off at a very young age. The Youngest Chef Award for ages 3+ compliments the already established Younger Chef (ages 6-7) and the Young Chef Awards (ages 9-11). This award is a ‘Mini Muncher Challenge’ themed around the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Children learn basic, age-appropriate chef skills, food hygiene and safety, nutrition, the benefits of choosing healthy snacks and staying hydrated. Make at home recipes are also included to engage parents/carers. During each session, the children create a different snack, eg a celery caterpillar or watermelon pizza. No heat is required throughout the challenge and only minimal equipment so it’s easy for nurseries and/or schools to deliver. Once signed up they receive access to the website, which contains everything required for delivery including lessons plans printable resources and teaching videos led by Chef Patti Sloley. Find out more at youngchefoftheyear.com or email info@thefoodteacher.co.uk.