Online Workshop: The Bitter Truth

Thursday 26 November, 6pm


Time: 6pm
Price: £20 for Guild members

Event Information

Aperitif Tasting with Kate Hawkings

Exploring bitterness through the civilising medium of aperitifs
Avoiding bitterness is a way of avoiding death; it’s also a way of avoiding great pleasure. Bitter compounds are nature’s warning of possible poison – they trigger salivation, as well as the release of endorphins and adrenaline, to speed digestion of any toxins present. These responses make them ideal for aperitifs, so many of which have their roots in bitter plant extracts that were (rightly or wrongly) valued for their medicinal properties, for they stimulate the appetite as well as giving us a subconscious frisson of the thrill that comes from flirting with danger. 

In this Zoom event, Kate Hawkings will talk us through the role bitterness has played in so many drinks, reaching through the mists of time from the Neolithic Chinese via the Greeks, Romans, Enlightenment Europeans and Prohibition Americans to the current booze trendsetters  who are spearheading a very welcome revival of brilliant bitter aperitifs.

This is of necessity a paid-for event. Guests will be sent a collection of mini bottles of drinks that have bitterness at their heart, which we will taste throughout the proceedings and consider the various ways they can be used to create knockout (in more ways than one) aperitifs at home.
Numbers are very limited so do book soon. In order to explore fully the potential of what we’ll be tasting, guests are encouraged to have six small wine glasses or tumblers, ice, gin, orange and/or lemon slices, soda and tonic water to hand. Spittoons are optional.

Advance booking is essential as participation involves receipt of the Aperitif Box of miniature bottles.  Please confirm attendance, including full details of the address to which your bottles should be sent, by Thursday 19 November.
The charge for the event is £20, which includes delivery to your chosen address. 

Kate Hawkings

Kate is a former chair of the Guild and writes on drink for a variety of publications including a regular wine column for olive magazine. Her debut book, Aperitif describes itself as a spirited guide to the drinks, history and culture of the aperitif, and was shortlisted for the Debut Drink Book Award at the Fortnum & Mason Food and Drink Awards in 2019. Kate is on Instagram: kate_hawkings and Twitter: @katehawkings.

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