Online Workshop: Sourdough Q&A with Vanessa Kimbell

Wednesday 16 September 2020, 7pm


Time: 7pm
Price: Free to Guild members

Event Information

Guild member Vanessa Kimbell's latest book The Sourdough School: Sweet Baking: Nourishing the gut & the mind is published on Thursday 3 September. Vanessa will be joining Guild Chair, Charlotte Pike to discuss her new book and offer a special opportunity to answer any questions about sourdough baking and her research into the nutrition and digestibility of bread and the gut microbiome.


More details on Vanessa's book:
The Sourdough School: Sweet Baking is an indispensable guide to exploring the techniques and ingredients involved in successful sweet sourdough baking. A companion to the bestselling The Sourdough School, it focuses on sweet recipes that are gut-friendly and rely on natural sweetness where possible. Classic recipes and new ideas for flavour combinations offer bakers an alternative method of baking cakes, tarts, pancakes, doughnuts, panettones, pretzels – nothing is off limits. If it rises, it can be made with sourdough. Also featured are recipes for compotes and syrups to accompany your bakes. Vanessa also explains how sourdough helps to maintain the health and diversity of your gut microbiome, which in turn improves mental health. New studies are unveiling links between the microorganisms in our gut and our mood and behaviour, and Vanessa is at the forefront of this research.

This session will take place through Zoom. Please email Guild administrator Jonathan Woods to register and Jonathan will then send you details of how to access the events on Zoom. 

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