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The GFW October Instagram Photo Challenge

Laura Hutton (25/09/2017)

We are pleased to announce that for the month of October the GFW will be hosting a Photo Challenge on its Instagram account.

This is an opportunity for GFW members to get more proficient on Instagram, hopefully grow their own accounts (ie get more followers), connect with one another and, have a bit of fun.

Daily participation is not compulsory but the more you post, the better you will get, the fuller your feed will look and the more people will take notice of you.

If you are not already following the GFW Instagram account, please do so now. To help us identify you as GFW members, do please send us a direct message if you notice we are not following you back. EVEN BETTER, also put #GuildFoodWriters in your bio if it fits.

Here’s How it Works:

Every day throughout October, there will be a topic which you will use to inspire your choice of photo for the day (see the Topic list below). It is just the same as a daily writing prompt, except here the word should prompt you to post a photo on your Instagram feed.

There is no right and wrong image, and you do not have to take a photo for every single day but you should use photos which you have taken; no stock images and nothing where you do not own the copyright.

Use what you have, no matter how old; each topic will be suitable for something. However, by all means, feel free to take a photo specifically if you like.  

You can look at the topics in advance to plan what photo you want to use and this is recommended. Social media can be time consuming so if you plan each week in advance by choosing the photos ahead of time, it will be very easy to participate every day. You don't have to do it every day, but we do encourage you to try.

So, for example, the prompt on Day 1 might be 'Prep'. Decide what image you have which can be linked to this word. The more tenuous the link, sometimes, the better. The images absolutely DO NOT all have to be food related. Be creative. Alternatively, take one specifically. Caption length is entirely up to you, but the caption should explain how the image relates to the topic. Or not; you could also write absolutely nothing. However, you must include the hashtags!

Very important: Hashtags

To identify your photo as part of the GFW challenge, the caption for every single image MUST contain two hashtags:
  1. #igphotoproject_gfw (the main hashtag which stays the same the entire month)
  2. #gfw_oct1 (the date hashtag, which will change everyday)

The hashtags must be in the caption otherwise the image will fall out of the Photo Challenge radar. The best place to put them is at the end of your text so they do not interfere with your writing.

Please make sure that any image you post using these hashtags is relevant to the daily topic and that you use both hashtags for the day. If you persistently post images that are irrelevant to the daily topic we will be obliged to submit a spam report to Instagram. 

It helps if you mention the topic of the day in your post.

Anyone, anywhere, can participate (because that is the nature of social media), so it is not limited to GFW members only, but we will only repost GFW member images on the Guild Instagram. If you know someone who is not a member but might enjoy participating, do please invite them by sending them the link to the website with all the topics. The more the merrier!

Each day, the GFW Instagram account will repost one of the images; some days there might be a collage of several images. This is why the hashtags are important, they will allow us to find your images and if you search using one of the hashtags, you will see a gallery of the whole thing, or just the day if it's one of the daily hashtags.

And, in the spirit of being sociable, you should make an effort to Like and Comment on the other Photo Challenge posts, and this is where the hashtags will also come in handy in helping you to identify fellow participants. This is all part of how to use Instagram; you will see better growth if you like and comment on other images instead of simply posting your own image and then leaving.


Here’s how one might look, for 1 October, with the word of the day as Prep:
Photograph of backstage at the Guild Awards 2017
The Tenderstem® florist in action. Prepping for the big night. From the GFW Awards June 2017. #igphotoproject_gfw #gfw_oct1 Topic of the day: prep.

Instagram Hack: How to Use Photos from your Photo Library

If you are unsure how to upload stored photos from your computer to your mobile device (because you can only upload to Instagram from a mobile device, such as a tablet or a phone), here is a handy article which explains many options:

Here is a detailed explanation of how to use Dropbox for uploading images. You will need the Dropbox app installed on your mobile device.
  • Create a Dropbox folder for your Instagram images and upload photos to it.
  • ‘Select’ the photo you want to post. In the top right hand corner of your screen, there will be three dots … click on them to get a drop down menu. From the drop down menu click on 'Export'.
    DropBox screen grab
  • In a few seconds, another menu will appear and in this one choose ‘Save'.
    Dropbox screen grab
  • Leave Dropbox and click into your Instagram app. The first image which appears in the Library will be the one you just took from Dropbox. Continue using Instagram as normal from here.
    Instagram screen grab 
TIP: If you use the Dropbox method, load up your images in advance to your Dropbox, then daily posting will be a breeze.

The GFW October Instagram Photo Challenge is being coordinated by Guild Committee member Laura Hutton (, who is responsible for the Guild's Instagram account. If you have any queries about the challenge please email Laura:

Topic list

#gfw_oct1  tiny

#gfw_oct2 cheese

#gfw_oct3 history

#gfw_oct4 dense

#gfw_oct5 steam

#gfw_oct6 butterfly

#gfw_oct7 time

#gfw_oct8 remains

#gfw_oct9 poetry

#gfw_oct10 surprise

#gfw_oct11 crisp

#gfw_oct12 nostalgia

#gfw_oct13 narrow

#gfw_oct14 curve

#gfw_oct15 harmony

#gfw_oct16 vivid

#gfw_oct17 trio

#gfw_oct18 connected

#gfw_oct19 heritage

#gfw_oct20 ooze

#gfw_oct21 broken

#gfw_oct22 door

#gfw_oct23 black and white

#gfw_oct24 symbol

#gfw_oct25 forgotten

#gfw_oct26 gift

#gfw_oct27 trace

#gfw_oct28 portion

#gfw_oct29 metallic

#gfw_oct30 uniform

#gfw_oct31 order


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