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Write It 2017: 10 and Under: Highly Commended: The Perfect Partnership

Write It 2017: 10 and Under: Highly Commended: The Perfect Partnership Maryam Kassi (19/06/2017)

The soft, perfumed petals of a delicate, semi-wild, pink rose and the bejewelled flesh of a ruby pomegranate, when combined, create an amazing, exotic blend with floral intensity. The aromatic rose and quietly sour pomegranate blend together in a light, intricate combination. The snowdrift of the falling rose petals and the gentle crunch of the pomegranate seeds obliterate all worries, woes and thoughts, filling my mind instead with an excited lightness that I can barely contain. My overjoyed tongue rolls the delicious delicacies around my mouth, but all my senses are playing.

Closing my eyes, I see the small pomegranate tree, bathed in sunlight, sitting in my grandparents’ lemon orchard in summery Aegina. I see the contrast between crimson fruit and lush, green leaves. The breeze brings me the scent of the sea, carrying with it the fragrance of the jasmine and rosemary which drape the wall nearby. The lazy chatter of cicadas seeps into my memory. I can feel the rough canvas of the hammock beneath me, the soft stroke of the shady pine trees, the gentle susurrus of the wind, the fractional dizziness from the hammock’s swing. All that in one delectable mouthful. The scarlet beauty of the luxurious pomegranate always reminds me of Persephone, taken from her mother by Hades. She is scared and eats nothing other than a pomegranate’s six sparkling seeds.

All these conjured from that first, savoured sip of perfectly partnered pomegranate and rose cordial on my tenth birthday. 


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