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Write It 2017: 10 and Under: Highly Commended: Eggs and Bacon

Write It 2017: 10 and Under: Highly Commended: Eggs and Bacon Matilda Corcoran (19/06/2017)

Nothing beats a poached egg and bacon on a Saturday morning with me and my Dad.

I wake up and remember it’s the weekend so I’m having … EGGS AND BACON!! I’m so excited that nothing can put me in a bad mood. I get up and sprint down the stairs.

I find Dad in the kitchen next to a hot pan on the hob. My job is to crack the eggs whilst Dad fries the bacon. Dad drops the bacon into the pan and it starts to sizzle and spit. A large pan of water is bubbling and boiling. Dad stirs the water which swirls like a whirlpool and I pour the egg in… SPLASH! It whizzes round like a fast, white fish. Then suddenly the toast pops up. We’re ready to eat.

I sit down. On my plate I have buttery toast, crispy, metallic-pink bacon and to top it all my round, white poached egg. First I destroy the egg. I put my knife through. All the creamy, sunny yolk spills out onto the crunchy, rough bacon. It tastes brilliant: salty, meaty, fatty, gooey, chewy.

The perfect food partnership is eggs and bacon with me and my Dad.



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