Stirring Words

This is a record of the Guild's old magazine, called Stirring Words. Intially it was printed and sent out to members, but latterly it was only available online. The edition shown below was that last one published. To access some earlier editions, click on the 'Archive' link below. Enjoy! 

Welcome to the latest instalment of Stirring Words, the Guild’s new online magazine.

I say instalment rather than issue because Stirring Words is not published in discrete issues along the lines of a traditional magazine. It will be added to incrementally, whenever new articles become available for publication. Instead of waiting a month before putting up something good, we will take advantage of the web’s capacity for instant action. If an article comes in on a Thursday, we can have it online on Friday. This is an opportunity too good to pass up.

The contents will vary according to what has come in, but two items will appear regularly. One is the Guild questionnaire, 20 Questions, in which Guild members tell us their views on a fixed set of topics. Questionnaires of this kind are not exactly unique in food publishing, but I think our questions are a bit more interesting than some others of the type. And so are the answers.

The other is called What I Do, and it is designed to highlight the wonderful diversity of backgrounds and activities that Guild members bring to the world of food writing. In the mainstream press, so much space is given to a standard set of interests that it’s easy to forget what a wide variety of skills and areas of expertise the food writing profession encompasses. This column lets one member at a time show off what they do and what they know.

We hope you like what you see here. If you want to comment on anything, please send me an email ( The comments may get posted in Stirring Words, so please tell me if they are not for publication.

Happy reading.

Richard Ehrlich

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