The Guild’s activities are often made possible by the support of sponsors and advertisers, who enable us to have more events and to help keep event costs to members lower than we would otherwise be able to do without this additional financial contribution.

Photograph of from left to right: José Souto, Andrew Brown, Cherry Haigh, Ailbhe Fallon and Julia Robinson at the Awards Party in 2012

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute has been the main sponsor of the Awards for
six years running: f
rom left to right: José Souto, Andrew Brown (Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute),
Cherry Haigh (The Dialogue Agency), Ailbhe Fallon and Julia Robinson (The Dialogue Agency) 
at the Awards Party in 2012 at the Fishmongers' Hall

We welcome sponsorship for a variety of areas of the Guild’s work and endeavour to find sponsors whose expertise and reputation will be as much of an asset as their financial support.

In return we offer sponsors a comprehensive package of benefits and an association with the leading organisation for food writers and broadcasters.

Some of the key opportunities are summarised below and details of the sponsorship benefits are available on request (please email the Guild administrator Jonathan Woods guild@gfw.co.uk).

The Guild of Food Writers Awards, established in 1996, are presented annually to recognise outstanding achievement in areas in which food writers work and have influence. The awards are the only ones judged entirely by professional food writers, journalists and editors, and are consequently recognised as the awards for the food industry.

Main sponsor
There is a main, overarching sponsor for the awards each year (already reserved for 2013).

Single award sponsors
The Guild seeks individual sponsors to sponsor each of the awards (currently 14):

  • Cookery Book of the Year Award.
  • Derek Cooper Award for Campaigning and Investigative Food Writing or Broadcasting.
  • Evelyn Rose Award for Cookery Journalist of the Year.
  • Food Blogger of the Year.
  • Food Book of the Year Award.
  • Food Broadcast of the Year Award.
  • Food Journalist of the Year Award.
  • Food Magazine, Periodical or Section of the Year (reserved for 2014).
  • Jeremy Round Award for Best First Book.
  • Kate Whiteman Award for Work on Food and Travel.
  • Michael Smith Award for Work on British Food (reserved for 2014).
  • Miriam Polunin Award for Work on Healthy Eating.
  • New Media of the Year Award.
  • Restaurant Reviewer of the Year Award.

The Guild’s Autumn Event, a prestigious annual event, usually held in October or November, has one key sponsor.

The Guild publishes a printed Membership Directory bi-annually. The Directory is the only publication available that lists the over 440 professional food writers, cookery writers, food stylists, home economists, broadcasters and journalists that belong to the Guild. As such, it is an essential reference book for many PRs and food-related businesses, and has proved of considerable value to publishers, editors, food manufacturers, government organisations, food lobbyists and campaigners. The Directory is provided free to members and is also available for sale externally in both electronic and paper formats.

The Guild runs about twelve workshops over the course of the year and the workshops are educational, professional development and networking events for members. The Guild aims to facilitate an impartial and thorough discussion of the issue at hand.

The following are the opportunities for sponsorship:

  • The Guild seeks one key sponsor to sponsor eight of the twelve workshops annually and
  • Single one-off sponsors for the other four workshops annually.

The Guild welcomes advertisers to appear on every page of the Guild’s website. For details please email the Guild administrator Jonathan Woods guild@gfw.co.uk.

Cook It is the Guild’s annual cooking competition for children aged 10 to 16 and the Guild has one main sponsor for this. This is currently sponsored until 2015 but if you are interested in supporting this activity please do get in touch.

We are happy to discuss ideas for sponsorship of other Guild activities or to send you a list of all the opportunities still available for the current year. If we can help you please email sponsorship@gfw.co.uk or the Guild administrator Jonathan Woods guild@gfw.co.uk.

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