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December 2011
Silver Screen Canapés
Jenny Hammerton

Silver Screen Canapés 

Jenny Hammerton

Tired of hearing about the credit crunch and the double-dip recession that’s on the way? Why not treat yourself and your friends to a glamorous cocktail party with some film star canapés? Let’s fiddle while Rome burns.
These delightful nibbles are brought to you from two true icons of the Silver Screen. Sprinkle some stardust around your kitchen with these unusual canapé ideas and bring back a bit of glamour to your appetisers. 
Following film star fodder with a classic movie is my passion and I would suggest a screening of Sunset Boulevard (1950) after your caviar canapés, and the original version of Mildred Pierce (1945) after Joan’s salami sandwiches.
Gloria Swanson’s Caviar Canapés
1 can of caviar
1 egg, hard-boiled, yolk and white separated
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon of onion juice (I use a little onion salt mixed with water)
Slices of toast according to the number to be served, cut into rounds
Some small pieces of tomato for garnish
Spread the caviar on round pieces of toast.  

Press the yolk of the egg through a sieve and sprinkle over the caviar.

Season with the lemon and onion juice, although the latter is a matter of personal taste and should be served at the discretion of the individual.

Trim the edges with the grated or chopped white of the egg and garnish with small pieces of tomato.
Joan Crawford’s Salami Sandwiches
Two types of salami, thinly sliced
Cocktail onions
Toothpicks or fancy cocktail sticks to serve
Cut the salami slices through the middle so you have two semicircles.

Fold one semicircle into a fan shape, spear it with a cocktail stick and smear a little mustard on the top edge.  

Take a semicircle of the other type of salami, fold it into a fan shape and place it on top of the other, slightly at an angle. Top with a cocktail onion.
You can get some very nice vintage cocktail sticks – I like the brightly coloured plastic ones in the shape of swords. Let battle commence!
Caviar Canapé recipe adapted from Gloria’s original included in Favourite Recipes of Famous Women published in 1925.
Salami Sandwiches recipe adapted from Joan’s original, mentioned in her autobiography My Way of Life published in 1971.
(c) Jenny Hammerton 2011

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