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July 2000
Redcurrant rose custard ice cream with raspberries and a waffle wafer
Rosemary Stark

Redcurrant rose custard ice cream with raspberries and a waffle wafer

By: Rosemary Stark

It was the ice cream machine, my new summer toy, that brought on this recipe --shop-bought custard seems too frivolous by half for all the effort of hourly beating. Serve with plenty of raspberries, a splash of framboise if you like, and a couple of Jules Destrooper's finest waffly wafers. This recipe appears in the July issue of Food & Travel.


500g carton of the very best shop-bought egg custard
142ml carton crème fraîche
1tbsp rose water (or 1tsp of the triple-strength stuff from the chemist)
50g redcurrants

to serve:
(optional) Currant or rose geranium leaves
(optional) Framboise
(optional) Raspberries
Waffle biscuits


  1. Churn the custard and crème fraîche together in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer's instructions (just 20 minutes in mine).
  2. Spread the redcurrants on a saucer and crush lightly with a fork. After 10-15 minutes churning, tip the crushed currants through the funnel and continue to churn until the ice cream is thick.
  3. Scoop on to currant or rose gernaium leaves if you like, splashing a little framboise (raspberry liqueur) over. Serve with plenty of raspberries and a waffle biscuit or two, as supplied to fine food shops by Jules Destrooper.
© recipe copyright 2000 Rosemary Stark


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