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June 2001
Barbecue potato wedges
Jane Milton

Barbecue potato wedges

By: Jane Milton

IT is strange for somebody who is born in Scotland to be so passionate about cooking and eating al fresco …but I love it. In my tiny garden in London I have a gas and a charcoal barbecue and I also have a ‘go anywhere’ barbecue which stays in the car- just in case the opportunity arises.

Nowadays, I can pass on my enthusiasm via master classes and demonstrations I run all round the UK and of course I get the chance to pick up lots of new recipes from other enthusiasts.

I must confess I don’t just use the bbq when the sun shines — a lidded barbecue works just like an oven — in all weathers and roast chicken and pork are never as good from the oven.

These are some of my favourite recipes which are just as achievable for beginners as accomplished cooks.

A few tips before you start:
  • Light the charcoal and allow it to burn until there is no flame, spread out the coals on the charcoal grate and place on the cooking grate.
  • If you are cooking foods which take less than 30 minutes to cook then the charcoal should be spread out evenly under the food- this is cooking by direct heat method.
  • Foods which take longer should be cooked indirectly with coals at either side and a lid so the heat rotates round them.
  • The direct and indirect methods also apply to gas barbecues and can be achieved by turning off the centre burner on most models.
The most important thing is barbecues are fun and sociable and you should relax and enjoy them!


4 large baking potatoes, skins scrubbed and dried
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
Rock salt
Schwartz seasoning mix (optional)


  1. Cut potatoes lengthwise into 1cm slices and then cut each slice into 0.5cm strips
  2. Put wedges and oil in a plastic bag, you can add a pack of potato wedge seasoning (if using) or a little rock salt and shake thoroughly.
  3. Place potato pieces on the grill. Cook over medium heat until golden, turning once.
Cooking time is about 15-20 minutes.

© recipe copyright 2001 Jane Milton


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