Who Qualifies for Membership?

Membership of the Guild of Food Writers is open to those who, for payment, write or broadcast on food. Applications are discouraged from those whose work consists predominantly of promoting products or services for one or more commercial clients. If you wish to discuss your eligibility with the Guild before applying, please contact the Administrator.

How to apply
  • Ask an existing member to propose you and another to second you. If you do not know any Guild members, please enclose a letter explaining this to the administrator, Jonathan Woods.
  • Complete the online application form, or download one here.
  • Send recent samples of your work – see application form – to the Administrator, Jonathan Woods, The Guild of Food Writers, 255 Kent House Road, Beckenham, Kent BR3 1JQ. If your application is not accepted your cheque will be returned to you promptly.
Applications are considered at monthly committee meetings. If an application for membership is rejected, the Committee will explain its reasons and may suggest that the applicant re-apply at a later date.

Guidelines for membership

Membership is open to those who are paid to write or broadcast about food.

There are a number of criteria in relation to which the committee considers applications. Please study these before you apply for membership.

The Guild welcomes applications from people writing about food working across a range of sectors, including:
  • Authors, journalists, columnists, bloggers
  • Editors, publishers, ghost-writers
  • Reviewers, critics, tasting and product experts
  • Presenters, producers, broadcast researchers
  • Academics, researchers, course leaders
  • Experts in health and nutrition, home-economics, recipe writing
  • Cooks, chefs and restaurateurs

In the fast changing world of communications, we recognise that there are many new ways of communicating the written word. We will consider applications from those writing about food through a range of different platforms:
  • Books, newspapers, magazines
  • Blogs and websites
  • Television, radio, video, podcasts (online and broadcast)
  • Professional and academic journals and papers
  • Industry publications 
  • Reports, campaigns, policy development documents

While we do not consider it the role of the Guild to make any judgment on an applicant’s literary merit, we are looking for new members who can show a real commitment to excellence in writing. When assessing applications we are always interested in the following aspects of work and experience:
  • Proven body of work
  • Extent of readership
  • Original contribution
  • Specialist knowledge
  • Quality of research

As a professional association, our membership comprises a wide group of writers, all of whom are paid in some way for their work. Payment for your writing can be in many different forms and we will consider among them:
  • Publishers’ advances, authors’ fees, book sales
  • Journalist salaries, freelance payments, commissions
  • Advertising on your blog, website subscriptions
  • Research grants, awards and charitable funding

Finally, you will be asked in your application to explain why you would like to join the Guild.

Membership subscription

Subscription for membership is currently £85.00 per year payable on 1 January of each year. In your first year:

  • If you join between 1 January and 31 March you pay the full subscription £85;
  • If you join between 1 April and 30 June you pay ¾ of the subscription £63.75;
  • If you join between 1 July and 30 September you pay ½ of the subscription £42.50; and
  • If you join between 1 October and 31 December you pay ¼ of the subscription £21.25.

Members who have not paid their subscription by the last day of February of the current year shall no longer be deemed to be members and their name will not be printed in the Directory.

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Antonio Carluccio's Italia
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