Our members include over 400 of the leading food writers, journalists and broadcasters working – publishing or broadcasting – in the UK.

Photograph of Guild members Anna del Conte (left) and Nigella Lawson  at the 2011 Guild of Food Writers Awards where  Nigella presented Anna with the Lifetime Achievement Award

Guild members Anna del Conte (left) and Nigella Lawson 
at the 2011 Guild of Food Writers Awards where 
Nigella presented Anna with the Lifetime Achievement Award 

Photograph by David Sandison

We are authors, newspaper and magazine journalists and columnists, TV and radio broadcasters, restaurant reviewers, chefs, food editors, recipe developers, product developers, food lecturers, food stylists, illustrators, researchers and translators. In addition to being writers, journalists and broadcasters, some of us are chefs, food scientists, home economists, nutritionists, dietitians, restaurateurs and wine experts.

Collectively and individually, we have a comprehensive and encyclopaedic wealth of knowledge about everything food and drink. Many of us have specialist knowledge about a wide and far-reaching range of topics, including regional food, food history, food and the arts, food and travel, vegetarian food, organic food, healthy eating, food law, food safety, food additives, nutrition, the politics of food, preserving and conserving, entertaining, food and the environment, children's cooking, catering, baking. Members have written many of the definitive works on single ingredients and food topics. 

Full information about all of the members of the Guild of Food Writers is detailed in the Annual Directory of Members, including contact information and details of professional backgrounds, publications, skills and experience, and areas of special interest. This comprehensive directory of food expertise is in demand among publishers, PR firms, food retailers and producers, and is sold by the Guild to non-members, although a mini version is available to search online.

If you are a professional food writer or broadcaster and are interested in becoming a member of the Guild of Food Writers, click here.


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