Laura Hadland

My blog, Extreme Housewifery, has just turned 10 years old. Through writing this blog I have refined and improved my food and drink writing. This has led to a number of paid opportunities, including 18 months freelance writing for my local paper, the Leicester Mercury. I am passionate about bringing high quality independent food & drink businesses to broader local attention and have a particular interest in farm to fork approaches and sustainable production chains which make the best of the finest quality ingredients.

Special subjects

I have specific expertise in wine and drinks writing, particularly in terms of knowledge of English wine production in the Mercian Vineyards region. I also excel in writing about the transmission of food through high quality independent supply chains - from independent dairy farmers through to master gelato producers for example.

Languages spoken


Regular work

Writing for Freelance restaurant reviewing for the Leicester Mercury until 2017. Regular (approximately monthly) contributor to food debate on BBC Radio Leicester. Food judge in a range of specialist areas - including beer, chocolate, spirits, gelato and pies! Creating content for food & drink businesses through my company Thirst Media - e.g.

Advisory boards / Awards

WSET Level 1 (distinction), Level 2 (distinction), Level 3 (tasting - merit, theory - distinction). CAMRA Beer tasting/judging trained. Open Wine University e-learning programme. Within the Food100 top 150 food blogs consistently for around 8 years.

Commercial interests

Director of Thirst Media Ltd - providing food & drink writing services, food photography and PR, web, design and marketing services for small businesses.