How to repair a Mont Blanc pen

1. To remove cap, please turn it counter clockwise.
2. Remove used refill and replace it with new one.
3. Screw cap back on clockwise

Your writing instrument is manufactured from the distinctive Montblanc resin,
a material which compares with fine porcelain in its resistance to scratching,
its noble sheen and its lasting beauty. Please treat it accordingly, to protect it
from breakage and damage. The pearls which adorn some Montblanc writing
instruments have great character, but demand special attention. In comparison
to precious stones, pearls are relatively soft. Please keep your pearl decorated
writing instrument separate from hard objects, and avoid heat and aggressive
cleaning agents. A soft cloth, moistened with water, is all you need for cleaning.

Twist Mechanism
1. To extend tip, please turn cap clock clockwise.
2. To retract tip, please turn cap counter clockwise.

Facts and tidbits:

Mont Blanc will not sell customers or dealers replacement parts without the company performing the repair. When a pen is damaged, it is accepted at any Mont Blanc boutique where it will be forwarded to their service centre for evaluation. A quote for the repair will be provided to the customer if the pen is out of warranty. The minimum cost of any out of warranty repair is $100. If the customer decides not to have Montblanc perform the repair, a return service fee of $50 is applied and must be paid or the pen will not be returned to its owner.

Certain Mont Blanc boutiques have on-site technicians to service pens and perform simple repairs. Mont Blanc also offers a free engraving service to customers, however, the pen needs to be forwarded to their local service centre and can take 3 – 5 days.

The Nib Exchange service by Mont Blanc operates as follows. Newly purchased pens, can have their nibs exchanged for free within the first six-weeks, however, the exchange of older and already worked-in nibs will incur a service fee. This service does not apply to Special and Limited Edition pens, as these models have a very limited number of spare nibs. Due to this reason, all Special and Limited Edition pens need to be returned to the Hamburg manufacture, for strict control of the Limited Edition nibs.

Mont Blanc provide a one-year warranty on leather goods, whilst their writing instruments and desk accessories are accompanied by a two-year warranty.

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