Kitchen Theory Workshop with Professor Charles Spence and Chef Jozef Youssef: Tuesday 6 February 2018

Date: 06/02/2018
Event Time(s): 18:30

Location: Guild of Fine Food, 42 Southwark Street, London SE1 1UN

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Price: £15.00 (Members) and £25.00 (non-members)
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How do colour, aroma, texture and sound affect our experience of flavour?
Do we all experience flavour in the same way?
Can we trick our brains into eating healthily?

Photograph of four spoons with food on them
Kitchen Theory is an experimental gastronomy design studio founded by chef Jozef Youssef. Working with Oxford University’s experimental psychologist Professor Charles Spence, Jozef is addressing these questions – and applying answers in a wide range of contexts – by delving into the field of Gastrophysics, the emerging science of understanding how our senses can alter our perception of flavour.

Tonight, Professor Spence and Chef Youssef will introduce their work and address questions and considerations that tease and intrigue all food writers:
  • What is flavour and how is it defined (this is illustrated with three simple taste/aroma tests)
  • Colour and taste association
  • The influence of shape on flavour perception/expectation
  • The role of sound in flavour perception and 'sonic seasoning'
  • The role of texture in flavour perception
  • Storytelling, experience design and sensory environment
  • How the senses work together – is this Synaesthesia? (A sensory whiskey tasting)
Each of these points will be addressed by looking at both the academic research in the lab and practical and creative applications, including those created for the ‘Gastrophysics’ Chef's Table, a multisensory menu and experience created by Jozef in his North London studio.
Photograph of Jozef Youssef
Guild member Chef Jozef Youssef (above) has worked in some of London’s most highly acclaimed Michelin star restaurants and hotels. He is the author of Molecular Gastronomy at Home: Taking Culinary Physics Out of the Lab and into Your Kitchen, and is currently an associate editor at the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science.
Photograph of Professor Charles Spence
Professor Charles Spence (above) runs Oxford University’s Crossmodal Research Laboratory and is a director at Kitchen Theory. His interests lie in applying the latest insights concerning the multisensory nature of human perception to the real world, including the design of food and packaging. He is the author of Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating and has been called ‘the food scientist changing the way we eat‘ by The Guardian.
Logo of Kitchen Theory

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