Self-Publishing Workshop: Monday 13 November 2017

Date: 13/11/2017
Event Time(s): 18:30

Location: Upstairs at The Atlas, 16 Seagrave Road, Fulham, London SW6 1RX

Number of places left: 12

Price: £15.00 (Members) and £25.00 (non-members)
How to Book: To provisionally reserve a place, please email

Times are changing radically in how we get words to readers. Crowd-funding, print-on-demand, downloads, eBooks and internet sales are just some of the factors behind a revolution in self-publishing.

Far removed from vanity publishing, the self-publishing world includes bestsellers and breakthroughs. Behind it lie authors past and present who all want to exercise more control over the process and get more of the profit, from Virginia Woolf and Beatrix Potter to Timothy Mo and Fifty Shades of Grey. In the food world, self-publishers include Rowley Leigh, Jonathan Meades and Nick Lander.

How to get started? The Guild of Food Writers has amassed an expert panel to guide us through and discuss each step, from editing and photography to print runs, distribution and social media marketing.

Self-publishing is not all plain sailing (when was producing a book ever easy…?). We shall include some highs-and-lows testimony from authors who have gone down this route. If you’ve self-published, please come along and share your experience – and bring a copy of your book to pass around.

Whether you want a small print run on a specialist subject or think you’ve got an idea that is worth the gamble, join us to hear a wide range of views and join in over a drink or two at The Atlas pub in West London.
Cover of Bill's Kitchen by Bill Sewell
On our panel, we’re delighted to have Guild member Bill Sewell (below, @billsewellsfood and, hot off the self-publishing press with his new book BILL’S KITCHEN – my very best recipes from a life of food. Through Kickstarter, Bill’s 340 backers pledged £17,394 to help bring the project to life. Bill is known for his ground-breaking cafes in working churches.
 Photograph of Bill Sewell
Bill will be joined by publisher Michael Phillips (below), who has run a small design consultancy for nearly 40 years, producing numerous print-on-demand books for self-publishers as well as working with the likes of Thames and Hudson and Phaidon. Bill’s book is the first in a new project, Archetype Books (@ArchetypeTweet), that seeks to bridge the gap between an author’s idea and the final product.
Photograph of Michael Phillips
The Writers and Artists Yearbook is the first stop for many authors and its introduction to self-publishing comes from the highly-regarded Troubador (@matadorbooks), a publishing company of 25 years standing that offers different packages for authors under the imprint Matador. We’re delighted to have the experience of Troubador’s Jonathan White (below), who heads Sales and Marketing and knows the particular issues of cookbooks from his previous positions as head of sales at Anova/Pavilion and special sales at Phaidon.
Photograph of Jonathan White
Since June 2015, Tim Lewis (below, @StonehamPress and @stonehampress) has hosted the Begin Self-Publishing podcast, with interviews about writing, marketing and issues facing authors in general. He has self-published six books: three time-travel novellas available as eBooks and three fantasy novels available as eBooks and in paperback. He works part-time doing social media marketing for the Alliance of Independent Authors, a non-profit alliance for self-publishing authors.
Photograph of Tim Lewis
Our expert panel discussion will be guided by ex-Chair of the Guild of Food Writers Richard Ehrlich, author, editor and erstwhile co-publisher dealing mostly with self-published books.

Directions: The nearest station is West Brompton (District Line and National Rail). For help planning your journey go to

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