Oyster Workshop: Wednesday 4 October 2017

Date: 04/10/2017
Event Time(s): 18:30

Location: Westminster Kingsway College, Vincent Square, London SW1P 2PD

Number of places left: 12

Price: £15.00 (Members) and £25.00 (non-members)
How to Book: To provisionally reserve a place, please email

Oysters – both native and Pacific rocks – have done much to build and shape coastal communities, and for centuries were a mainstay of everyday nutrition. As such, this workshop will focus on one of the UK’s most historic and commercially important shellfish. 

Photograph of oysters

This workshop will be overseen by two leading lights from the UK oyster world:

Aquaculture specialist and lifelong oyster farmer, Tristan Hugh-Jones will explain the life of the farmed oyster from ‘seed to shuck’ and how techniques have allowed commercial operations to produce this notable bivalve in huge quantities, both for export and domestic consumption.

Katy Davidson (aka The Oyster Lady) will guide us through the history of oysters the UK and the health and nutritional benefits that accompany their culinary status. Katy is a passionate oyster advocate and travels the country raising consumer awareness.

Both experts will then invite attendees to sample different types of oyster, provided and sourced by Tristan, and Katy will explain what is required of an ‘ostrelier’ in differentiating between oysters produced from different ‘terroir’. 

Photograph of oysters

Directions: The session will be held at Westminster Kingsway College at their Victoria Centre, For help planning your journey go to

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