Committee Contacts

The Guild's committee members welcome contact from members and non-members about their areas of responsibility. Please get in touch, or contact the Administrator, Jonathan Woods: guild@gfw.co.uk; telephone: 020 8659 0422.
Photograph of the Guild Committee: Sarah Beattie, Emma Sturgess, Jane Gifford, Beverley Glock, Andrew Webb, Heather Grant, Signe Johansen, Richard Ehrlich, Carol Wilson, Philip Dundas, Silvija Davidson, Jane Milton, Kate Hawkings, Jayne Cross, Jane Suthering and Lewis Esson.
The Guild 2013-2014 Committee from left to right: Sarah Beattie, Emma Sturgess, Jane Gifford,
Beverley Glock, Andrew Webb, Heather Grant, Signe Johansen, Richard Ehrlich, Carol Wilson,
Philip Dundas, Silvija Davidson, Jane Milton, Kate Hawkings, Jayne Cross, Jane Suthering and Lewis Esson
Photographer Idil Sukan for Draw HQ

President: Xanthe Clay xanthe@clay.tc

Vice President:
Clarissa Hyman clarissa@clarissahyman.co.uk

Chair: Kate Hawkings kate.hawkings@zen.co.uk

Vice Chair: Jane Gifford janelunzergifford@ymail.com

Jane Hughes jane.temple@virgin.net

Jane Gifford janelunzergifford@ymail.com

Awards Coordinators: 
Jayne Cross jayne@jaynecross.com
Jane Gifford janelunzergifford@ymail.com and 
Christopher Trotter ct@christophertrotter.co.uk
Cook It and Write It Coordinator: Jayne Cross jayne@jaynecross.com

Events Coordinators: Philip Dundas philip@pipsdish.co.uk,
Heather Grant heather@lewisandgrant.co.uk and 
Christopher Trotter ct@christophertrotter.co.uk

Membership Coordinators: 
Angela Clutton angelaclutton@yahoo.co.uk and
Christine Smallwood christine@appetitesforeurope.com

Policy Coordinators:
Angela Clutton angelaclutton@yahoo.co.uk
Silvija Davidson* silvija@btinternet.com and Philip Dundas philip@pipsdish.co.uk

Professional Issues Secretary: Sarah Gray (Beattie)* sarah.beattie@neuf.fr

Sponsorship Coordinators: Beverley Glock beverley.glock@splatcooking.com and 
Samantha Kilgour sam@kilgour.org

Website and Publications Coordinators: Jane Hughes jane.temple@virgin.net and
Orlando Murrin orlando.murrin@gmail.com

Workshops Coordinators: Angela Clutton angelaclutton@yahoo.co.uk,
Silvija Davidson* silvija@btinternet.com, Philip Dundas philip@pipsdish.co.uk
Beverley Glock beverley.glock@splatcooking.com,
Christopher Trotter ct@christophertrotter.co.uk and 
Laura Washburn washburnlaura@yahoo.co.uk

* Special officers.

Committee Members

1275_585073.jpg Name: Xanthe Clay
Committee Role: President

Email: xanthe@clay.tc
Tel: 0117 973 1561

1582_920510.jpg Name: Kate Hawkings
Committee Role: Chairperson

Chair of Guild Food Writers

Email: kate.hawkings@zen.co.uk
Tel: 0117 942 1789

Name: Jayne Cross
Committee Role: Vice Chairperson, Awards Coordinator

Cook it Coordinator

Email: jayne@jaynecross.com
Tel: 020 8418 7844

2020_102378.jpg Name: Angela Clutton
Committee Role: Vice Chairperson, Workshops Organizer

Email: angelaclutton@yahoo.co.uk

Name: Felicity Cloake
Committee Role: Secretary

Email: felicity@felicitycloake.co.uk

1776_848657.jpg Name: Laura Washburn Hutton
Committee Role: Treasurer, Workshops Organizer

Email: washburnlaura@yahoo.co.uk

1450_144903.jpg Name: Emma Sturgess
Committee Role: Awards Coordinator

Email: emma-sturgess@hotmail.co.uk

1460_832506.jpg Name: Christopher Trotter
Committee Role: Events Coordinator, Workshops Organizer

Email: ct@christophertrotter.co.uk
Tel: 01333 360219

Name: Hattie Ellis
Committee Role: Events Coordinator

Email: hattie@yum.demon.co.uk
Tel: 020 8810 5322

1872_593746.jpg Name: Christine Smallwood
Committee Role: Membership Secretary

1225_369426.jpg Name: Sarah Beattie
Committee Role: Professional Issues Secretary

Email: sarah.beattie@neuf.fr
Tel: 00 33 562 700221

Name: Samantha Kilgour
Committee Role: Sponsorship Organizer, Website Coordinator

Email: sam@kilgour.org
Tel: 01202 809181

1554_421164.jpg Name: Beverley Glock
Committee Role: Sponsorship Organizer

Email: beverley.glock@splatcooking.com
Tel: 01844 273480

1777_598497.jpg Name: Charlotte Pike
Committee Role: Sponsorship Organizer

Email: charlotte@charlotteskitchendiary.com

1287_855299.jpg Name: Silvija Davidson
Committee Role: Workshops Organizer

Email: silvija@btinternet.com
Tel: 020 8670 6184

1819_946544.jpg Name: Philip Dundas
Committee Role: Workshops Organizer

Email: philip@philipdundas.com

1369_682441.jpg Name: Orlando Murrin
Committee Role: Publications Coordinator

Email: orlando.murrin@gmail.com

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Leiths Fish Bible
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