Aims, Objectives & Policy

Guild Objectives
The objectives of the Guild, as set out in its Constitution, are as follows:

  • To bring together professional food writers
  • To produce a regular Directory of Members
  • To extend the range of members' knowledge and experience by arranging discussions, forums, comparative tastings and visits
  • To encourage the development of new writers by every means, including competitions and awards
  • To contribute to the growth of public interest in, and knowledge of the subject of food
  • To campaign for improvements in the quality of food

Guild Food Policy
We are an independent body that aims to:
  1. contribute to the growth of public debate about, interest in and knowledge of, food and 
  2. campaign for improvements in the quality of food produced and consumed.
Therefore the Guild's Policy currently extends to such issues as:
  1. pressing for the introduction of practical food skills into the national curriculum and of healthy meals into schools and other public institutions; and
  2. working for food labeling that protects the consumer's right to choose.
And in the field of food writing:
  1. encouraging members to strive to achieve the highest professional standards, to respect the implications of copyright infringement and plagiarism, and abide by all of the Guild’s other stringent ethical guidelines.
  2. to protect the rights and further the interests of our members by:
  • pressing for improved terms and conditions from those who commission work, including the retention of copyright by writers;
  • striving to negotiate minimum terms with major commissioning bodies; and 
  • endeavouring to legitimize and make transparent the process of ghosting.

Georgina Campbell's Ireland: The Guide
Georgina Campbell's Ireland: The Guide
by Georgina Campbell
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