Kent Cobnut Dukkah

Guild member Julie Friend reports: ‘About 18 months ago I spotted Roughway Farm advertising on People Per Hour for somebody to help develop recipes for them. Rather cheekily, I did a bit of research and discovered they were about ten minutes from my home so I contacted them directly. The farm has been growing cobnuts and soft fruit for many years and Tom Cannon, the grandson of John Cannon who is the president of the Kentish Cobnuts Association, decided a bit of marketing and PR was needed to promote this humble nut and hopefully to reinstate more of the plats (a nut orchard) that Kent was known for. 

‘He redesigned the website and we worked together on a series of recipes and videos – the Halloween video is wonderful, backed with the music from Sorcerer’s Apprentice. We both agreed that a product that could be sold to the public would be fun. I had become a bit of a fan of Dukkah and had seen it with almonds and pistachios and thought it would definitely work with roasted cobnuts. I played around with a combination of spices and seeds, along with the toasted nuts and created the current product.

‘I mentioned to Tom about the Great Taste Awards as I had been a judge for a couple of years so he entered the Dukkah. Of course, I was not allowed to be judging that day and declared my “conflict of interest” but was delighted when this brand new product of ours, was given one star.

‘Tom has now redesigned the label to proudly incorporate the award and we are now plotting and planning a few other products. Tom was granted a Winston Churchill Foundation award and over the course of this year and next is travelling the world to see how other countries produce, market and export cobnuts and hazelnuts. Our biggest challenge is to find a small, efficient “cracker” as currently I am doing them all by hand – it’s like Christmas every day.’