Awards 2019 – Call for Entries

Entries are now being accepted for the 2019 Guild of Food Writers Awards sponsored by Tenderstem®.

The Guild of Food Writers Awards were established in 1996 and are presented in recognition of outstanding achievements in food writing and broadcasting.

There have been some significant changes to the categories for 2019 to reflect how the world of food writing has evolved since the awards were established.

Full details are now available here, where you will also find a link to the online Awards entry form.

There are 12 main awards categories:

  • Food Broadcast or Podcast Award
  • Food Writing Award
    (Sponsored by Pukka Herbs)
  • Recipe Writing Award
    (Sponsored by Gold Top)
  • Restaurant Writing Award
  • Investigative Food Work Award
  • Food Magazine or Section Award
    (Sponsored by Lakeland)
  • Food Blog and Social Media Award
  • First Book Award
    (Sponsored by BerryWorld®)
  • Food Book Award
  • International or Regional Cookbook Award
    (Sponsored by Aspall)
  • Specialist or Single Subject Cookbook Award
  • General Cookbook Award
    (Sponsored by Thermapen®)

The closing date for completing entry forms is Monday 28 January 2019 and all materials must be with the juries by Monday 25 February 2019.

The winning entry in each category will receive a trophy. The winners of each Award will be announced at the Guild of Food Writers Awards Ceremony on Thursday 27 June 2019 at Studio Spaces, Unit 2, 110 Pennington Street, London E1W 2BB.

The Guild also presents the Inspiration Award (sponsored by AC Goatham & Son) to celebrate an individual or group making an inspirational difference to how we eat today. This award is unique amongst the Guild awards as the only people who can submit nominations are the Guild’s own members. Nominations for this award will be sought in March 2019.

Full details of are now available here, where you will also find a link to the online Awards entry form.



(Main sponsor of the Awards)

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Tenderstem® is very proud to support the Guild of Food Writers as its main sponsor of their illustrious awards for the third year running.”

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AC Goatham & Son
(Sponsor of the Inspiration Award)

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This family business was founded in 1947 and it has grown to be a multi award winning fruit growing business that has changed the approach to growing apples and pears in the UK, leading the industry with new technological advances including state-of-the-art packing facilities. This allows thousands of perfectly produced apples and pears to be moved each day for supermarket and retail clients.”

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(Sponsor of the International or Regional Cookbook Award)

“At Aspall, we never compromise. We’ve been pioneers for nearly 300 years, starting in 1728 with Clement Chevallier, planting apple trees while others ploughed the land.

Today we continue to keep his pioneering spirit alive through everything we do. Our business is steeped in heritage but we’re not set in our ways. We are innovative cyder and vinegar makers, embracing new ideas and technologies while upholding the same exacting standards set by Clement hundreds of years ago. Now a part of the Molson Coors global family, Barry and Henry Chevallier Guild, the eight generation of the family, are still involved with the Aspall business today.

We are passionately protective of our legacy, the provenance of our cyders and vinegars and dedicated to forging our own path.

Creativity and a deep love of food and drink are at the heart of everything we do at Aspall. Sponsoring these awards and being able to honour those writers who share our passion is a great pleasure and we’d like to congratulate all of the deserving finalists.”

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(Sponsor of the First Book Award)

“BerryWorld® was established in 1994 and is the UK’s leading soft fruit business. With its mission to ‘Grow the berry world together’, the company has invested in its expert, dedicated, grower base for the last 25 years, extending the British season through varietal development and investing in land and growing techniques.

Its work has helped berries to become shoppers’ number one choice in fruit and has grown the British berry category to over £1.4 billion at retail, with over 83% of the population now buying berries at least once a year. In the UK, 1 in every 4 berries sold will be a BerryWorld® berry, and its recently established consumer brand, which goes by the same name, is striving to help shoppers identify the best in season quality, all year round. [Currently available on Ocado and AmazonFresh].

BerryWorld® works with growers who manage substantial areas of soft fruit production in the UK as well as overseas, throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, South Africa and Australia. Varietal development is at the heart of everything BerryWorld® does.

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Gold Top
(Sponsor of the Recipe Writing Award)

“Gold Top with Cream at the Top
Established in Buckinghamshire in 1954, QMP was set up in association with milk producers throughout the country to market and promote their new brand, Gold Top.

The Gold Top selection stands for premium quality and superior taste, it is this quality, alongside our high end service, which makes us stand out from our competitors.

The original Gold Top Milk is made the traditional Guernsey and Jersey way with the cream on the top, and tastes delicious, the luxurious Gold Top Smooth is a variation whereby the indulgent cream is blended evenly throughout the entire bottle. The Gold Top family includes, butter, cream, ice cream amongst others.

QMP are set to make an even greater impact through increased promotion, as well as sponsoring several dairy and food shows in the UK and internationally throughout the year, we have sponsored the first Milk Sommelier event, held at Borough Market in London, with others to follow in the UK. QMP are aiming to organise some more on farm product promotion demonstration days.”


(Sponsor of the Food Magazine or Section Award)

“Lakeland, the experts in cooking, baking, cleaning and laundry was founded over 50 years ago in the heart of the Lake District. From humble beginnings this family owned business is now a multi-national, multi-channel retailer offering millions of customers over 4000 quality, ‘can’t live without’ products for the kitchen and home. Lakeland is constantly looking for ground-breaking innovations and ideas to add to their extensive range to ensure that their customers have everything they need to create delicious, healthy meals at home and handy time savers to make life just that little bit easier.

Customers can shop using the Lakeland catalogue, by phone, online, click and collect service or by visiting one of their 68 stores up and down the country. Lakeland offer over 500 free recipes online and you’ll also discover regular in-store demonstrations in many of their stores.

No matter how you shop, Lakeland’s knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer expert advice and ideas and of course all of their products are backed by Lakeland’s unrivalled 3 year guarantee!”

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Pukka Herbs
(Sponsor of the Food Writing Award)

“Pukka Herbs harnesses the incredible power of nature through its award-winning, sustainably and ethically sourced organic herbal teas, each of which have been expertly blended to naturally support wellbeing.

Founded in 2001 by Tim Westwell and practicing herbalist, Sebastian Pole, Pukka’s mission is to create a world where plants play a central role in human health and wellbeing.

Pukka is a beacon for sustainable and ethical business. All Pukka’s teas are certified Fair for Life, one of the highest independent fair trade standards in the world and many of its teas use FairWild herbs. Pukka is a B-Corp, signifying its ongoing commitment to support conservation through commerce. And over one percent of its sales are given to environmental causes around the world every year through 1% for the Planet.

Pukka Herbs prides itself on not using any synthetic flavourings, only sustainably sourced, organically grown and fairly traded herbs and fruits which is of real importance to the man behind the blend, Sebastian Pole, Pukka’s Master Herbsmith and Co-Founder.”

You can find out more about Pukka Herbs at; on Facebook:; on Twitter: @Pukkaherbs; on Pinterest: pukkaherbs.


(Sponsor of the General Cookbook Award)

“A favourite kitchen essential of many celebrity chefs and professional cooks, the Thermapen® thermometer is made in Britain by ETI Ltd, the UK’s leader in the manufacture and design of electronic thermometers and temperature probes. In 2018 the business was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for innovation, their fourth Queen’s Award since winning its first in 2012.

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The Thermapen Professional includes the addition of a patented 360° self-rotating display that can be used in any position, in either hand. The unit also incorporates an intelligent backlit display sensing light levels, automatically turning the backlight on/off in varying light conditions, perfect for outside evening events. The motion-sensing sleep mode automatically turns the unit on/off when picked up or set down. The Thermapen case is waterproof and includes ‘Biomaster’ additive, reducing bacterial growth.”

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Full details of are now available here, where you will also find a link to the online Awards entry form.